Travis’s Fran Healy Mauled by Sausage Dog

Travis’s Fran Healy Mauled by Sausage Dog


Travis frontman Fran Healy has shared details of how he was mauled by a sausage dog after coming to its aid.

Healy may be asking why it always rains on him after being left in a bloody state by the animal.

The Scottish singer was driving near his home in Los Angeles when he came across a crash involving three jackknifed cars. When he saw a dachshund running from the scene, Healy gave chase as he was worried it would be hit by a car.

I was driving down my hill and as I rounded a corner there were three cars jackknifed and from the middle of the chaos ran a dachshund,” Healy wrote on his Twitter account. “So I jumped out and chased it up the hill. Cars bomb down our hill and it would have been toast.

When he caught up with the dog it “mauled the shit” out of his left hand.

I held on, hoping to chuck it into our porch but then I slipped and it bolted off, leaving me pishing blood all over the shop,” Healy wrote.

Seeing his bloodied state, Healy’s neighbours called for an ambulance. The musician ran into his house and “poured alcohol over the wounds… then I came out but it wasn’t an ambulance… it was a massive fire engine… and I have to say, five Calvin Klein models got out and then I’m telling them about the dachshund and they suggested urgent care…

By this time there was about 20 cars waiting to pass, I’m pishing blood (by the way ladies and some boys… I totally now get the fireman thing),” he continued. “Anyways I drove to Urgent Care on Selma and they cleaned me up good and now I’m here and my finger is patched up and bloody sore.

Healy shared images of his bloodied finger and his bandaged left hand.

Maybe shouldn’t play the guitar for a couple of weeks… or maybe should,” he captioned the grisly picture.

The dog survived and was reunited with its owner, who lives in a house once owned by Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks.

The dog… is fine,” Healy wrote. “Was cornered at the bottom of the hill and the owner, who lives in Stevie Nicks’ old house (pop pickers), was reunited.

Travis recently announced a 20th anniversary reissue of their 2001 album The Invisible Band. A CD and vinyl box set will be available from December 3rd.

Along with a newly remastered version of the album, the set will feature all of their b-sides from the era and a bonus disc of live performances and unreleased demos.

I hadn’t listened to the whole album for a while,” Healy said of the reissue. “It’s a lovely piece of work from the big singles like Sing and Flowers in the Window to Afterglow and Last Train. It sounds great at 20!