Watch David Gilmour Return To Pompeii


It has been 45 years since that iconic concert from Pink Floyd in front of an empty stadium in Pompeii. David Gilmour recently returned to Pompeii to perform as part of his world tour.

On Thursday night David Gilmour played in front of a packed amphitheatre, as he played a mix of solo songs and Pink Floyd classics. It was certainly different to the first time he played in Pompeii, as back then Pink Floyd performed songs from their 1971 album Meddle. 

On the night, Gilmour played a set which included a rare performance of The Dark Side of the Moon cut ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ as well as ‘One of These Days’, which was performed by Pink Floyd when they first played in Pompeii all those years ago.

Gilmour was also recently made a citizen of the city of Pompeii, in a very special ceremony conducted by the mayor. Pompei Mayor Ferdinando Uliano conferred on Gilmour the honorary citizenship of the town, which has an important shrine to Mary.

Speaking about the honour Gilmour said “Thanks to everyone,” adding that “Here in Pompei I feel safe, as if I was at home”. He will play a second date tonight in Pompeii to cap off his historic return to the city. You can watch a video down below of David Gilmour performing in Pompeii.


Photo Credit: Jimmy Baikovicius