Yes Fragile


Fragile is the forth studio album from Progressive Rock band Yes. This is the first Yes album to feature legendary keyboardist Rick Wakeman. The album cover was created by Rodger Dean who went on to design many of the bands other covers. This was the bands international breakthrough album. It is unusual in that four of the tracks are performed by the entire band, while the other five tracks are a showcase of each member.

The album was commercially successful in the U.K as well as in the U.S in November 1971 it reached number 7 in the U.K album charts its highest position. In the U.S it reached number 4 and stayed in the top 200 for 46 weeks

The album has a strange mix of music from folk. Funk rock to running and doors closing. With a Studio master class being used in the recording of the manipulation of the multi-track system and putting in overdubs, then the recording of piano backwards and having the guitar moving forwards.

In 1993 a gold edition of Fragile was released. With the first batch a recall had to be made . The track “Heart of the Sunrise” omitted the reprise of “We Found heaven” The edition was re-pressed with the reprise of “We have Heaven”

Track list

1.       Roundabout : 8:30

2.       Cans and Brahms : 1:38

3.       We have Heaven : 1:40

4.       South Side of The Sky : 8:02

5.       Five Per Cent For Nothing : 0:35

6.       Long Distance Runaround : 3:30

7.       The Fish (Shindleria Praematurus) :2:39

8.       Mood For A Day : 3:00

9.       Heart of The Sunrise : 11:27

Line up

 John Anderson – Vocals

Bill Bruford – Drums

Steve Howe – Electric , Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals

Chris Squire – Bass Guitar & backing Vocals

Rick Wakeman – Hammond Organ, Piano , RMI 368 Ellectra-Piano