Alex Turner “Trying New Things” With Shadow Puppets


Alex Turner of The Last Shadow Puppets recently said that his side project gives him a chance to try new things, which he wouldn’t usually do with the Arctic Monkeys.

Speaking recently to presenter John Wilson on BBC Radio 4’s show Front Row, Alex Turner spoke about the shift in his songwriting when he is with the Last Shadow Puppets.

During the show Turner said “Going into this second album I remembered the Puppets was a vehicle for me to try new things for the first time. Before that record, every song I’d ever written was based on a very real scenario.”

He spoke about the band’s debut album saying “The first Shadow Puppets record was the first time I attempted to step away from that. Most of the time it came off pretty silly. But there were a few moments where it worked out.”

Alex Turner also spoke about how being part of The Last Shadow Puppets made him change his observational style of lyrics as well as his vocal approach “I don’t remember ever thinking about my voice before [The Age of the Understatement]. The idea of singing never occurred to me then. I’d just write these things, and my voice was a vehicle for getting the words out. The melody isn’t something I’d considered, but it’s as powerful as a melodic aspect of the song, if not more so.”

Photo Credit:  Steven Anthony