Bono Pays Tribute To 260 Music Fans Killed In Israel Festival Tragedy

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While on stage at Las Vegas as part of their residency, U2’s Bono paid tribute to the 260 music fans who were killed during at attack at an Israel festival.

This comes following confirmation of the deaths of 260 people, after an attack was launched at the Paralello Universo festival in Re’im, Isreal over the weekend.

Along with 260 fatalities, hundreds of others have been reported missing.

The attack which was launched by Hama Operatives, saw the festival interrupted in the early hours of Sunday morning, after rockets hit the site around 6.30am. Gun shots were subsequently fired at those in attendance.

“sing for our brothers and sisters”  

During their live set at their Nevada residency, U2 lead singer Bono dedicated the band’s 2003 hit ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’ to the victims of this tragedy.

The singer also outlined his hopes for a peaceful solution to the conflict, while offering his condolences to those involved.

“Sing for our brothers and sisters. Who they themselves were singing at the Supernova Sukkot festival in Israel”, Bono told the audience. “We sing for those. Our people, our kind of people. Music people. Playful, experimental people. Our kind of people. We sing for them”. 

Bono continued, “In the light of what’s happened in Israel and Gaza, a song about non-violence seems somewhat ridiculous, even laughable, but our prayers have always been for peace and for non-violence”. 

Before their beginning their live rendition of the track, Bono added, “But our hearts and our anger, you know where that’s pointed. So sing with us… and those beautiful kids at that music festival. Early morning, October 7, the sun is rising in the desert sky. Stars of David, they took your life but they could not take your pride”. 

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