Check Out Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Latest Track Here


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have unveiled their latest track “Flying On The Ground”. You can check it out below.

“Best thing I’ve released since the last thing I’ve released”

Speaking on “Flying On The Ground”, Gallagher explained how Motown played a part in the making of the single.

“Flying On The Ground is literally the best thing I’ve released since the last thing I released”, Gallagher said. “If Burt Bacharach wrote for Motown this is what it would sound like…only not as good…obviously”. 

Backing singers flank Noel Gallagher in the track.

The song’s video premiered yesterday evening. It also featured actor Matt Smith and Gala Gordon. Back in March, it was reported that Gallagher and Matt Smith were working together on the video for a new track. More on that here.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds latest track

Check out the track for yourselves here.

“Flying On The Ground” comes just weeks after Gallagher’s band released We’re On Our Way Now”. This featured on their latest album which celebrates 10 years of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in the music industry.

Gallagher also said that writing new music was the best part of lockdown, which he “hated every minute of”.

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“What about the f’n music?”

Recently, Noel Gallagher spoke about his displeasure at hundreds of music venues closing down due to the pandemic.

There has been no sign of anybody saying anything about the f****** music business,” Noel said on the Sky Arts documentary The Live Revival. “It’s all about f****** sport, or hanging out in parks…what about the f****** music? Music is of the upmost importance – people live and breathe it”.

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Noel Gallagher also recently said that he would reboot Oasis for £100 million. But the rocker said that the music industry does not have enough money to restart the band.

“There isn’t £100million in the music business between all of us… if anybody wants to offer me £100million now, I’ll say it now, I’ll do it. I’ll do it for £100million”, Gallagher told Jonathon Ross.

“Ludicrous. What is funny though is that I think Liam actually believes it,”, the former Oasis star added. Check out Nova’s report on that here.