Paul Weller Is Unsure If Another New Album Is On The Cards


Paul Weller has admitted that he is unsure if he will make a new album, having recently released Fat Pop (Vol 1). Here’s a reminder of how you can win a copy of that album by tuning into Nova all this week here. 

The Modfather took part in a Tim’s Twitter Listening Party, speaking about the release of his 16th studio album. Weller had worked on this album during lockdown.

“I don’t know if I’ll make any more records after this one; it’s hard to say at the moment”, Weller said. “This is my 16th solo album! I can’t believe it!”.

He also added, “I often think that after I finish an album, there’s so much more involved in making/putting out albums these days”. 

“The music business has changed so much” – Weller

The former frontman for The Jam believes that the change in people’s listening habits has meant that “the music business has changed so much in the last few years, I don’t really recognise it anymore”. 

“Thankfully, there’s still great music being made and I’m sure that will always stay that way”, he added. “But generally I don’t think people invest in music like we did before streaming/downloads etc”. 

Weller also mentioned the “great” response that his new album “Fat Pop” has received. He wrote, “so hopefully, I/ we did our jobs properly!”.

On the album, Weller also remarked, “Overall, I think the album’s strong and I spent quite a lot of time (well, I had loads!) on the songs and tried to get them as tight as possible in terms of lyrics and arrangements”. 

Paul Weller is also hoping to “shout out to the top” of the UK Charts with his new album.

We’re thrilled to tell you that the brand-new album from Paul Weller has finally arrived! The 16th studio album contains 12 incredible tracks worked on over lockdown and we know you’ll love it”, the musician tweeted. More on that story here.