RUSH’s Geddy Lee Says They Never Believed The Final Tour ‘Was The End’


During an interview with The Canadian Press, RUSH frontman Geddy Lee reiterated the band’s intentions that it is highly unlikely they will perform any more shows or record any new music.

In an excerpt from a video via Blabbermouth Lee outlined what could be possible going forward,

“Neil Peart [drums] is retired,”). I’m still here. Alex [Lifeson, guitar] is still here. Will we perform as Neil, Alex and Geddy on tour ever? Probably not. Will we record together as Neil, Alex and Geddy? Probably not. Will Alex and I make music on our own one day, or individually one day? Probably.”

According to the bassist, Lee and the rest of Rush weren’t completely certain if RUSH’s 40th-anniversary tour in August of 2015 in Los Angeles was actually their final concert together.

“I don’t think, in our heart of hearts, we believed it was the end, even though it did turn out to be the end. Maybe we would have served our fans better if we had just accepted that reality, that, ‘Yeah, this is gonna be our last tour,’ and tell everybody. But they sort of had that sense and they came out because of it anyway.”

He added: “I wasn’t really interested in capitalizing on something that may not be true. So it seemed to me much hipper just to go out and play, and if it’s the end, then it’s the end. Whereas I hear KISS are doing their first farewell tour.” It’s no secret that Kisses “End Of The Road” tour is not the first time KISS has said goodbye, they also said goodbye as the original lineup in the early noughties.

RUSH has been completely out of action since ending the “R40 Live” tour. Drummer, Neil Peart has been battling extreme pain through much of the trek, including a foot infection that made it agonizing for him to even walk.

A few years ago, guitarist Lifeson revealed to Rolling Stone that he receives injections for psoriatic arthritis. He was previously sent to hospital for anaemia from bleeding ulcers and suffered breathing problems.

Lifeson and Lee have repeatedly said that RUSH will never do a show unless all three musicians agreed to take part.

Meanwhile, you can check out the awesome Rush Tribute Band – 2112 which is being hosted by Radio Nova 100 and the rockin’ Dublin city venue Tramline next Saturday, 19 January 2019. The doors open at 7 pm and tickets are available here.

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