New Study Reveals Where The Best Place Is To Live For Live Music Gigs

New Study

Mortgage experts at Money have been analysing major cities around the world in a bid to find the best places to live for attending gigs and festivals. According to the new study, Liverpool is the best place to live if you love rock music, with Lisbon the best place for metal heads.

Analysing 30 musical cities around the world, the new study names which places are the best for each genre of live music. According to its results, Liverpool is the place to live if you like rock music, as 24.7% of all gigs in the city are rock and roll music gigs. This taste for this guitar-filled genre in this particular city is unsurprising, given it produced one of the best rock bands ever, The Beatles. The city boasts venues such as the historic Cavern Club right up to the 11,000-seat Echo Arena.

The Portuguese city of Lisbon is highlighted in the new study for its embracement of metal culture with 14.1% of all concerts being metal gigs. Represented all over the world, the metal genre is hugely popular in Lisbon’s district of Bairro Alto. The city hosts the Rock in Rio Lisbon festival every two years, regularly attracting many metal acts to perform. Although that might not seem like a high percentage, it ranked above all other cities, who favoured genres such as pop, rock, indie and alternative, among others. Previous research indicated that the metal genre is also good at reducing anxiety.

Further into the new study describes London as the best city in the world to attend concerts in, boasting the highest number of upcoming concerts (5,088). England’s capital also ranks in second place for the total number of music venues (207), shortly behind Los Angeles’ 240 venues.

In order to achieve its goals, the new study analysed the number of music venues, upcoming concerts, major music festivals in each city, as well as how many artists and bands hail from there. To read more statistics from this research on the live music industry, visit